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Lynn Hecht, Vice-President and Co-Chairman for Pasco Aging Network

I had the pleasure of booking “Sound by Sideshow” for our fundraising event on Saturday, September 26, 2015.
As our DJ, “Sound by Sideshow” did a fantastic job.  He played a good mix of music for the crowd to dance.  He kept things moving and mentioned our sponsors several times throughout the night.  I heard great feedback from those who attended the event and would recommend him for future events.
Lynn Hecht, Vice-President and Co-Chairman for Pasco Aging Network’s “Boots and Bling”

Sara & Brian Zura

Our experience with Mike being our DJ for our wedding was amazing. We had no clue on what songs to pick besides the ones we wanted to walk out to,we knew we wanted a Luau wedding just didnt know from there. Mike found all the music and it came out great!! All of our guest loved him, he dressed all beachy to fit the event. He was open to take requests to keep all our guest having fun the whole time. His prices were great and I would use him again. We had several guest at our wedding that had gotten engaged a few months after and he has been hired to do there wedding as well, everyone loved him. We would recommend him to everyone. I dont know how many weddings we have been to lately that are so boring and same old stuff, our wedding was a blast and still talked about till this day and Mike was a big part in making that happen. Thank you Mike for the great time and services you provided to make our day fun and drama free. Love Sara & Brian Zura

Heather & Angelo Cosentino

We were at our friend’s wedding when we first met Mike at Sound by Sideshow. Their wedding was one of the best we had been to and part of that was due to their DJ. When Angelo and I started planning our wedding, we called Mike. We didn’t even look anywhere else. He gave us a great price and he was super helpful with the whole planning process. He pointed out several things I never would have thought of since I have never planned a wedding before. Angelo wanted a song in Italian for his dance with his mom. We found one online and when I asked Mike what format I should purchase it in to get it to him he told me I didn’t need to, he already had it in his library. For the father/daughter dance, I wanted a compilation. I told Mike what I wanted and he put it together for me. Then I changed my mind, and he changed it for me. Then I changed my mind again, and he changed it for me again. He never complained and he was really quick responding and the song was perfect! I had a great time dancing with my dad! We asked Mike to play music that was fun and that would keep people on the dance floor. He had people dancing all night! The DJ makes a HUGE difference in the tone of your event. We are so glad that Mike took the time to find out exactly what we were looking for and just made it happen. We would highly recommend him to anyone! Heather & Angelo Cosentino

Jaclyn & Bernie Bostick

We were very pleased & impressed by the work, dedication & over all experience! You met all our needs & beyond what we expected. We got married June 16, 2012. Mike made our experience so easy & fun! The prices are definitely reasonable & we would highly recommend his services to friends, family & complete strangers. Thank you again for everything you did & making our special day a more memorable experience!!!! Sincerely your new loyal customers, Jaclyn & Bernie Bostick

Jaclyn Gilgori

My mother had her wedding this year and it became pretty hectic finding a venue and all that goes with a wedding. She came across Dj Mike when a friend of hers recommend him. The wedding was beautiful and everyone had a blast. Even though we had a beautiful venue and it was right on the beach I don’t believe it would have been that much fun if it wasn’t for Dj Mike. He danced with the kids played every song we requested and he fit right in with the family. His prices were very reasonable, especially since he provides amazing entertainment. After the wedding was over my society was holding a fundraiser for the PPAL and we wanted to jazz it up a bit with a Dj. We couldn’t think of a better person to call. Not only did Dj mike say yes he volunteered his time to help raise money for under privileged children. We raised 3,000 dollars that day and it had a lot to do with the man on the mic. He was such a big help and never once did he slow down or take a break. He is now our family Dj. We are awaiting my cousins sweet 16 party in December and we are all looking forward to seeing Dj mike. If you want you’re party to be amazing and fun call this guy. Thank you Mike for making our memories so much more special! Jaclyn Gilgorri

Jessie Weiner

My husband and I were getting married mid April 2012. At the last minute we decided to change DJ’s because we heard so good things about Mike (Side Show). When we approached Mike we really had no clue what we wanted. We just knew we wanted music, and what our specific songs were, i.e.… father daughter dance, mother son, and husband wife. Being under so much pressure, making the final plans for the wedding, I really couldn’t think about our music selection. Thanks goodness Mike was such an experienced leader and took what little we gave him and transformed them into a super duper line up of music for the evening. If you’re looking for someone who is truly a leader in the music industry, one that possesses creativity and the ability to think outside the box, while keeping your desire at the forefront, Mike is the guy to pick. He undoubtedly and single handley completed our special day.
We could never thank you enough,
– Jessie Weiner

Sean & Jessica Pascoe

On 1/26/13, we had the pleasure of utilizing Sound By Sideshow’s DJ Service for our wedding reception.  Mike was very organized from our first conversation through our event.  He was helpful in providing suggestions and offering valuable insight. The music choices he played made the evening flow and his master of ceremony skills got everyone up out of their seats and having a great time.  In addition, Mike acted as a liaison between us and the venue staff, which meant that we were free to just enjoy our big day-that service was priceless.  We couldn’t have made a better choice for a DJ.  Thank you Mike!

Jessica Fantozzi, Lifecare of New Port Richey

I have used Sound by Sideshow for our employee Christmas party for 2 years now. Mike did such an amazing job the first time with us that all the staff wanted to know if I was going to have him back this year. He is very professional, and very entertaining! I would recommend Sound by Sideshow to anyone!

Marie Patri

Mike had already provided us a great time at my sisters wedding back in April, so it was a “no-brainer” that we wanted him for my daughter Nola’s Sweet 16 party! He met with us several weeks before the party to get the feel of what Nola wanted to play during her party and he hooked us up! Mike kept everyone dancing and even hosted games throughout the party! We would highly recommend Mike if you are in need of a DJ for your next event!! Mike was on-time, courteous and a lot of fun! Remember, the DJ can make or break your party! -Marie Patri

Allyson & Hikija Hililac

Michael was referred to us from one of my bridesmaids and he was absolutely excellent. He was extremely professional and always prepared when we met up with him. He had a timeline worksheet that was super helpful (and I used it with other vendors as well) and he was on time and prepared the day of. We only chose songs for all the important events and left the rest of the music up to him, and he did a great job of reading the crowd and kept the energy up. We wanted a DJ that was personable and real, not one of those large companies that contracts out, and Michael was great. I would highly recommend Michael with Sound by Sideshow!

Jenna Alvallero

I have been meaning to sit down and write about how kick ass my Wedding was since the day after we had it! It was April 4th 2014 in St. Pete, FL at Sunken Gardens and we had traveled from LA to have it there. There is no way it could have been that kick ass either without the DJ I was blessed to have found in such perfect timing! I was referred to Mike aka SoundBySideshow from my brother’s lifelong friend. I had a situation in which my original plan for a DJ had fallen through and I had to hire someone else just three months prior to my big day! We set aside a phone meeting to go over details and two minutes into our conversation I knew that he was the right man for the job and that everything happens for a reason! Right away I felt like we were on the same page and that I was in good hands. WHAT A RELIEF!!!! Just having that first 30 minute conversation with him saved me from months of stress I was already feeling. Not only is he super cool and friendly but he gave me a price I could afford and did not take advantage of the fact that I needed someone right away. He provided me with all the information I needed to fill out that same day and assured me I could contact him at any time for questions or concerns. I never realized how hard it was to actually choose songs for certain things and I took some time to make my decisions, he was really patient with me and didn’t rush me at all and he even gave me helpful suggestions. The day of the Wedding he was at the Venue early and had everything under control before I even got there for pictures. I remember thinking to myself “How does one actually pull this off? Getting the songs coordinated with the right time?” I felt stressed because that day I could barely recall any of the songs I had chosen. HAHA. I had no idea how it would all play out but EVERY song for the Ceremony was played at the precise time it had to be and I was so excited and happy!!! When it came time for the Reception and introductions he had quite the challenge due to my huge Wedding Party… 20 girls and guys plus all the parents! WHOA! HE COMPLETELY NAILED IT!!!! Again the songs were ALL on point and it was so exhilarating!!! The timeline I had set up seemed a bit chaotic in my mind however he managed to have it all down to a science. So much that I at times forgot what the hell I was supposed to be doing! YAY FOR HIM!!! Super professional and organized. He was also looking pretty damn sharp in our wedding colors! SO COOL! He played all our favorite songs that we asked for and kept the energy flowing in that room until they kicked us out!!!! I wanted him to have just as much fun as we were having and feel like a guest and not just be there to do a job. He was completely engaged with all of us and had a huge smile the whole night!!! I would for sure hire him again for anything!!!! This is someone who is genuine and loves what he is doing and also knows in his heart that people are already paying a lot of money for their Wedding expenses and he has humbled himself to show that he is compassionate and understanding of a budget. I now consider him a friend and that is how it should be. Because of him people still talk about how awesome my Wedding was and he was the glue that held together all that awesomeness! SOUND BY SIDESHOW ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jenna has spoken!

Orlando Alvallero

Mike is a very professional, friendly and super easy to work with. He was very organized, punctual and exceeded my expectations. He started by having my wife and I complete a short questionnaire of songs, music, and itinerary for the wedding party. He had all the music that we requested available, and he stated that anything he did not have, he would obtain for us. He assisted us with the music for our ceremony entrance & exit, and provided microphones and speakers outside, and then moved inside where he hosted our amazing wedding party. Music, Lighting was on point, and was very professional and courteous through the entire event. We had hired performers for who he also assisted with their sound engineering needs and was extra helpful managing each intermission keeping everything on time and everyone on queue. It helps that we chose some of the music, but basic instructions of what not to play and it seemed that we were on the same page the entire time. His changes were exact, keeping us and the crowd entertained. He was kind enough to take and work in all song requests during the party and a good mix of upbeat musing that kept everyone moving. I am very grateful that everything was beyond perfect, and I trust that he can make your party a success. To think that I almost just settled for an MP3 on auto to play throughout the party. I would have regretted every second as there is definitely more work involved than just pushing a button and my guests and myself were very glad we got to meet a super cool guy who works hard and is great at what he does. I recommend him and would definitely hire him again

Lester Hutt, Diverse Computing Inc.

“We hired Mike to DJ a company reception. He chose music that was perfectly suited for the crowd, and he helped out with a trivia contest that we ran as part of the event. I would highly recommend him!”

Lester Hutt
Senior Product Development Manager

Heather Merrill

We had a wonderful experience with Mike! He was very professional when we met with him! I really liked that he had all the equipment I needed for my ceremony and reception. I was running into complications when meeting other djs about not having extra speakers for outside, or a microphone, etc. Mike had all of it. When it came time for the wedding, I couldn’t have asked for a better dj! Nothing seemed to be going right that day with everything else but everything went perfect with my music!! Ceremony was absolutely beautiful and reception was so much fun!! He planned games which everyone still talks about today (no lie) and didn’t play the songs I asked him not to play! Anytime I see or hear people asking for a dj, I recommend him! Not just for weddings either! I worked with Mike at a restaurant when he would dj there and he really kept the party going. He is awesome at what he does and he has so much fun which is very important!! The Merrill’s

Bill Sieber

We bokked SBS Events for our daughter’s sweet 16. Mike was very professional & worked with us from before we even booked him rght up to the last song of the party. He worked with the venue smoothly and interacted with all of the guests. We highly recommend Mike & SBS Events. Thank you Mike for truly making our daughter’s sweet 16 a memorable event!  Hope we can work wuth you in the future!!! -Billy & Carrie Sieber, Spring Hill Fl

Deanna Goudy

I have always dreamed of the perfect wedding for as long as I can remember. It included a handsome groom, delicious food, beautiful flowers, and a D.J. so spectacular that it would be an incredible feat of strength to not jump up and shake it on the dance floor. I am fortunate enough to say our wedding possessed all of those features – especially the last one. When my now husband proposed to me, I knew that we had to find the perfect group of professionals to work with in order to turn our dream wedding into a reality. We knew that we wanted our wedding to have the relaxed feel of a big party, and that we wanted to get as many people out on the dance floor as possible. When we met with D.J. Sideshow he was extremely well prepared and knew exactly the types of questions to ask us to ensure we had the most positive experience possible. He provided an easy to fill-out wedding work sheet which allowed us to customize our reception from the grand entrance, to the exit, with seemingly limitless options. He had a very relaxed demeanor and put my husband and myself at ease immediately. We discussed the options briefly with him during our first meeting, but he allowed us to take the paperwork home so we could have ample time to really make the big decisions that we needed to make. After spending some time discussing the types of music we wanted at our wedding my husband and I decided on a total of six different genres of music we wanted played, and gave D.J. Sideshow no song titles to refer to. I believe what we wrote on his very detailed work sheet was something along the lines of “we just want people to dance, we trust you.” Our trust was certainly not misplaced. The day of the wedding D.J. Sideshow was our right hand man. He handled organizing the timing of the event and made sure the caterers were keeping up with the pace of our schedule. D.J. Sideshow also read our guests’ dancing tastes perfectly and was able to adjust his playlist based on the reactions of the crowd. We had so many people dancing and celebrating! Almost the entire reception took place on the dance floor, and many guests jokingly complained about blisters and soreness the next day. My husband and I cannot thank D.J. Sideshow enough for his dedication and professionalism. Our guests left our reception singing the praises of D.J. Sideshow and heralding that our reception was the most fun reception they had ever attended. My husband and I give D.J. Sideshow all of the credit for their proclamations. One guest even asked specifically for his card and ended up referring him to another friend of hers who was getting married – all from her experience with him at the reception! D.J. Sideshow made quite the impression on our guests, and truly made our wedding day perfect. We would recommend him for any event!

Stephanie Barrus

When we were planning our wedding I decided to ask Mike Hannigan about dj’ing, as we were childhood friends. I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed. It turned out that not being disappointed is definitely an understatement. Anyone can play music but it takes a special type of person to be able to entertain as well. 
Mike was the first one to show up at our venue looking professional and sharp. He brought a wireless mic with him (without me asking) as he knew I was nervous about the venues equipment that was provided for our ceremony. All night long he kept the party going, had guests of ours up, dancing, and having a great time that I never expected to be up on the dance floor. Everyone shared with me how much fun they had and that I definitely made the right choice on a dj. Of all the last minute things that can go wrong on your wedding day, if you want to be sure your music and entertain isn’t one of them, go with Mike! As I started off saying, he is an old friend of mine. This is not the reason for my review. I love giving kind words but only when they are deserved and without a doubt Mike deserves recognition for being a great dj, entertainer, and friend!
Stephanie Barrus  

Jennifer Jensen, Emergency Medical Services

Sideshow, thanks so much for the great DJ’ing you did at Clincon this year. I know you made a great impression and I have every confidence they will want to bring you back next year as part of a revamped (and improved) social gathering/party.

Thanks again.


Cheri Oswalt

You are the greatest DJ ever!! You were so amazing at mine and Jimmy Oswalt’s wedding. We had you pick most of the music for our special day and it was amazing! You get a great big shout out from us. If anyone has a wedding or any type is celebration this is your guy. We had so much fun with you and Jenna Mike. We will be calling on you for our 1 year anniversary. Lots love Jimmy & Cheri

Angela Ward

If you are looking for an amazing DJ that cares about you and your celebration, then Sound By Sideshow is the DJ for you! We chose Sound By Sideshow for our wedding ceremony and reception. He is very thorough, helpful, and informative. He provided suggestions that we couldn’t have possibly imagined and it made our special day that much more special. He is very personable and keeps the entertainment flowing. His State-of-the-Art equipment assisted us in our outdoor ceremony and it also added flare to the reception. He met with us on several occasions to help us plan and he was always just a phone call away for those last minute song additions. He even dressed in Hawaiian attire to match the theme of our wedding!

William & Deidre Ruland

SBS Events was truly an unforgettable experience and wowed us from beginning to end for our wedding. My husband and I researched a voluminous amount of DJs online in the Tampa Bay area for our wedding. We are both a firm believer that the DJ is the most important part of planning an event because they are the people that are practically running the event, getting everyone on their feet, and truly working hard to mark the night a memorable experience. So it was crucial for us to find the perfect DJ. We met with Mike at SBS Events and from the beginning we knew that he would make our wedding day special. He is really passionate about music and his job. Not only does he go through every detail of your event at the first consult, but he asks you very crucial questions about what music you like, what your family and friends are like – all to understand the vibe of your guests in order to put together the perfect playlist to tailor your wedding play list to represent you as a couple AND your guests. Mike was always responsive, friendly, and never once treated us like “just another client”. He was absolutely incredible to work, is attentive to detail and helped us figure out a lot of the small details we never even thought of. Mike was always available to help and went above and beyond to assist us with our introductions and first dances when there was a little speed bump in the road! The dance floor was packed the entire night, Mike and his helper played the perfect selection of music that appealed to our friends as well as to our older family. As an emcee, he was great too! He made sure he knew how to pronounce everyone’s name and kept the flow of our night running perfectly. Our friends and family are still talking about how much fun they had and how great the music was! You cannot go wrong with Mike at SBS Events. I would definitely recommend him.

-Deidre & William 03/13/2016

Jeffrey Knudson

Mike is the best DJ ever! He made the trip up from Tampa to DJ my daughter Sarah’s wedding on Friday. He came so highly recommended that we didn’t even consider any local Jacksonville talent! And the recommendations were dead right! He takes charge and makes everything feel the way it’s meant to feel. If your planning and event, party or wedding you need to have Mike there to make it perfect. Thanks Mike for a great night!

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