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SBS Events can accommodate any theme or format. Our philosophy is, YOUR wedding is YOUR day for you and your partner, so why not do it the way that YOU want? With a music database of over 75,000 songs in every genre, state of the art sound and lighting, and competitive pricing, SBS Events gives you the best bang for your buck. We’re very aware of how tough it is financially in the present day’s economy, and with many couples’ income, getting married can seem virtually impossible. Although we can’t guarantee that your caterer or cake designer won’t rattle your wallet, SBS Events has a package for every budget to make your special day memorable and a little less stressful. And speaking of less stress, let us “Be your Huckleberry”, meaning, let us work for you. There’s no reason that you should be running around handling random tasks at your reception, again, this is YOUR day to relax and to have fun. Let us handle it for you.

But first, we’re going to need to know EVERYTHING about your wedding, and with our easy to read wedding worksheet that includes detailed itinerary, music playlist, wedding party introduction, and basic info sheets, you are assured to have a smooth running party. And if you decide to go with SBS Events, one of our professionals will personally sit down with you and your fiancee and step by step help plan our services to you from the start of your ceremony to your grand exit and every event in between. We’ll also help to customize your music, events and games to fit the needs of you and your guests. No wedding is too big or too small. No reception is too off the wall.

Call SBS Events now for a free estimate on your special day. Just remember, due to the recent high volume of weddings and availability, please book ahead of time and secure your date.

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