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Proper Lighting Needed

After years of planning weddings and events, I have learned that nothing can make virtually any hall or venue “Pop” like the proper lighting. From nightclub quality dance floor lights, to custom gobo capabilities, to the wall washing effects of uplighting, these simple colors and patterns can turn your basic banquet hall into a full on dance party or ambient


Master of Ceremony Needed?

An emcee — or ‘MC,’ more casually — is a polished and charismatic performer who can save any event from becoming dull, confusing, or uneven. Emcees coordinate games, introduce acts, speakers, and performances, provide entertaining interludes between them, keep audiences engaged and attentive, provide cues for applause and encores, and make sure events have an


Top Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ

These are the 40 most important questions to ask any professional disc jockey you are considering for your wedding, and will help you accurately gauge the professionalism, reliability, and honesty of any wedding DJ you are considering. 1. Do you offer a written contract?All of the wedding disc jockeys you interview may not have the